Journal Plus

Journal Plus is a fully-featured, all-in-one journaling / diary / note taking program with a rich text editor. It comes with several modules:

  • Journal / Diary
  • Notebook
  • Logins / Passwords
  • Finance / Numbers
  • Contacts
All documents are stored in a single, 256 bit AES-encrypted SQLite database file. Included image gallery: attach photos to your text documents. Local and global search functions. Simple and intuitive interface for unlimited documents. Generate strong passwords with the integrated password generator and log in to your web sites safely and easily. Organize numbers with the finance manager module and show them in the integrated graph/statistics bar. Undock documents in read-only popup windows.

Full-featured rich text editor with text formatting, hyperlinks, lists, emojis and images. Big images can be attached to each document in the photo gallery. Organize documents in the notebook module with folders and icons. In the journal module you can write diary entries for past and future days: just click a date at the integrated resizable calendar and start typing. You can search for entries with the global search function and find or replace words in a single document. You can also have several database files and switch between them easily. No save-button required, everything is saved in the background. Journal Plus will become an indispensable tool for your private life and your business day.

  1. Journal / Diary module: select a date from the month calendar and enter your text; search function for one or all documents
  2. Notebook module: documents can be added and selected on the fly - your daily life becomes a lot easier
  3. Logins / Passwords module: organize your password-protected websites and open them easily; includes random password generator
  4. Finance / numbers module: enter items and assign a number for a certain date (any number) - see the change in the graph module
Image Gallery
Every document can have one or several big images attached to it. You can simply drop them on top of the editor from the file manager or use the file dialog, then you can double-click to open the gallery in full size. The photos are also included into the database. You can also include small images and emojis into your documents (inline).

  • The entire data is saved in one single SQLite database file with 256 bit encryption (the whole database gets encrypted and there is no way to unlock it without your password)
  • The Journal and Notebook modules have a full-featured rich text editor (RTF format)
  • Select Font, style and color, undo/redo, copy format
  • Insert images and emoticons (in-line images are not compressed in richtext files, so keep them small)
  • Image Gallery - for every document there can be an unlimited number of large JPEG or PNG images in a separate gallery (double-click to open full size, with Save-As function)
  • Search and replace
  • Global search function - find a word in any document and jump to it with one click
  • Insert tables and lists
  • Import text in RTF or TXT format (Journal, Notebook) or CSV (other modules)
  • Export single documents to RTF, Plain Text or HTML (Journal, Notebook) or CSV (other modules)
  • Organize documents with folders (Notebook, Logins, Finance) and assign icons to your documents in the Notebook
  • Password Manager to keep your login data save and in one place. Login to your websites with just a few clicks ("Copy on Click" option copies your login and password to the clipboard on right-click)
  • Password Generator with many options, for generating strong passwords
  • Included Contact Manager
  • Undock windows with a read-only version of the current document, to see multiple documents at the same time
  • Store numbers of any kind for each calendar date with the Finance module (like the balance of your stocks or your income or expenses) and display them in the integrated graph module, with minimum, maximum and total value
  • Auto-save (every minute and on every document or module change): no save button required
  • Auto-backup on program start (up to 10 copies for the previous days)
  • Global Hotkey for showing and hiding the program window - so it is always available when you need it and out of the way if you don't
    • 3.3 (April 12, 2022) Renamed the program to "Journal Plus". On installation, the old desktop icon is being removed and on first startup the program settings folder is being renamed accordingly. Please uninstall the old version of Super Diary manually from the control panel.
    • 3.24 (December 21, 2021) Bug fixes
    • 3.23 Fixed a tabstop-behaviour issue for non-selected text
    • 3.22 Bug fixes
    • 3.21 The "Find" dialog (Journal and Notebook) now has an option to search "From Cursor" instead of from start; The "Find in Journal" dialog now lists the findings in descending order (newest on top) like in the "Journal Entries" list; The "Find in Journal" and the "Find in Notes" dialogs (binocular icon) now allow continuing the search on the document that was selected from the list with F3, without clicking the document first
    • 3.2 Tabs can now be inserted also in selected text and they can be reversed by Shift+Tab; From the global search (binocular button in the Journal and Notebook) you can now continue the search locally (without opening the local search dialog) in a selected document by clicking the editor and pressing F3
    • 3.19 Several minor bug fixes and improvements
    • 3.18 Added an option to change the database path to the settings dialog; minor design changes
    • 3.17 Improved the image gallery: if smaller images are added, they are not being resized to the "External Image Width" value anymore, but are showed in their original size, except when the new option "Stretch Images" in the settings is activated; Added a textblock with the current database path to the settings dialog (backup block) for information, plus a "Browse" link; When showing images in the gallery, not just the filename, but also the image size is shown in the status bar
    • 3.16 Added an "In Selection" option to the Find / Replace dialog
    • 3.15 Optimized the "Export all entries" feature
    • 3.14 Added "Export all entries" menu item to the Journal; bug fixes
    • 3.11...3.13 Bug fixes and improvements
    • 3.1 Added "Insert Symbol" dialog to the editor; Some improvements and bug fixes, updated some DLLs.
    • 3.0 (2021) New Release, programmed from scratch, using the WPF framework and an SQLite database engine
    • 2.x (2010) New version with Journal, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Logins, Finances, Sound Recorder and Statistics module. Based on an SQL Server CE database
    • 1.x (2003) - Simple diary program, based on an XML file

Guaranteed: no adware no spyware no viruses no toolbars or bloatware no hidden fees

Runs on Windows 7/8/10/11 (x32 or x64)

Version 3.3