Buy your License Key

To turn your free trial of any of our products into an unlimited full version, you need a license key, which you can purchase here. Your payment for a license key is a one-time fee (no subscription, no follow-up costs) and includes free updates at least within the same major version.

The link below opens FastSpring, a secure e-commerce platform.
On the following page you can see the prices of all available products in your currency, without any obligation to pay:

You will receive your license code immediately after purchase. To apply it, copy the key and use it inside the program. The trial version will be turned into a full version.

  • Private users are allowed to use one license key on up to two personal computers.
  • For commercial use (companies, institutions) one license is required for each computer the program is installed on, unless a group license was acquired.


Download the latest Program Version
It is always recommended to use the latest program version. To check for updates, open the Info dialog in any of our programs. If an update is available, you can download it right inside the program or from here:

Retrieve License Key

If you have bought a license key and cannot find it anymore, you can get it back by entering your email address:

Updates / Upgrades

Updates within the same major version number are always free. The Sharp World Clock update from version 8 to version 9 is also free. For major new versions you might have to pay an upgrade fee.

If you have purchased a license of Sharp World Clock 7.x or Multi Timer 5.x (or older versions) in the past, the new version is not a free update, but a paid upgrade instead. These programs are developed from scratch and contain countless new functions and improvements. Online activation does not work anymore for version 7 and 8 (due to a certain Windows 10 update).

The last "old" versions of Sharp World Clock and Multi Timer are:
Sharp World Clock 7.54 / Multi Timer 5.9
Support for these versions has ended long ago and an is recommended.