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Are you looking for a downloadable desktop world time clock / alarm clock / time zone converter for your Windows desktop - flexible, always accurate and customizable? Look no further, you have found it! Sharp World Clock is a feature-packed time zone clock and alarm clock software, using state of the art Microsoft programming technology (.Net / WPF) unlike most others. It is intuitively, enjoyably and easy to use. Ten years of development have gone into this program.

Resizable Desktop World Clock / Time Zone Clock

Put Sharp World Clock on your Windows desktop as a constantly or temporarily visible timepiece, so you can see the time for every city or location you need. There is no limit for the number of clocks - it comes with a number of clocks, but you can easily add more. Clocks can be small or very big, in a window or single. Clocks are resizable without any loss of sharpness or visual quality, because the interface is using vector based graphics. You can have an analog or digital display of the time and date and any time format you like, in any language. » Download now

  • Analog ClocksAnalog Clocks
  • Digital ClocksDigital Clocks
  • +23,000 Cities+23,000 Cities
  • DesignerDesigner
  • WeatherWeather
  • PhotosPhotos

Alarm Clock: Alarms, Reminders, Chimes

Sharp World Clock features a powerful alarm center. It can be an alarm clock for you: always handy when you wish to add an appointment or reminder. You can add alarms for your current time zone or any other time zone, that you have set up a clock for. Just open the Alarm Center, select the date and the time and "Local Time" or "Time in City...". You can not only set up one-time (single) alarms, but also recurrent alarms (daily or annually) and countdown alarms. Alarms can be edited in the alarm list (for upcoming alarms) or in the alarm history list (for passed alarms). Chimes can be set on the hour and, optionally, on the quarter. You can use a realistically sounding bell sound (grandfather clock / church bell) or let the clock speak the time.

Desktop Calendar Widget

With the included calendar widget you always have a small month calendar widget on your desktop. It is steplessly resizable like the clocks and you can choose any color or background image you like, even make it semi-transparent. Clicking a day opens the alarm center dialog, ready to enter a new event. Events from the alarm center show up in the calendar as triangular markers and on mouse-over you can see the event details in a small popup window.

Time Zone Converter / Time Zone Calculator / Meeting Scheduler

Sharp World Clock comes with a time zone converter with three functions. 1. a converter, where you can select a city, time and date and get the time and date for another city you select. 2. a meeting planner, which shows you all cities you have in your current clocks and the time differences in a graphical overview. Move a slider to show the time for any given local time: easy to use for choosing the ideal time for phone conferences! 3. a time shift function - this moves the time and date in all your clocks within a -12..+12 hours time frame, showing the actual time in the selected locations.

  • Time Zone ConverterTime Zone Converter
  • Meeting PlannerMeeting Planner
  • Calendar WidgetCalendar Widget
  • Alarm CenterAlarm Center
  • Recurring AlarmsRecurring Alarms
  • NotificationsNotifications

Full List of Features

  • Any number of resizable clocks you need, in a line (horizontal / vertical) or grid arrangement or single
  • Fully transparent background with no surrounding rectangle (adjustable transparency)
  • Undock Clocks from the main window and arrange them anywhere; redock them if you need to
  • Fully customizable, huge city database with every Time Zone and every Country in the world, search function included
  • Show the time on resizable analog and/or digital clocks, both in 12 hour or 24 hour mode
  • Choose from a variety of Date / Time Formatters or create your own time format in your own language or in any language; use 12 hour (am/pm) mode or 24 hour (military) mode
  • Select any Color (solid or gradient) or Background Image (stretched or tiled) you like for the clock faces; you can change the provided presets or create your own from scratch
  • Choose different Fonts and Font Sizes for city labels, digital clock and the numbers on the analog clock faces
  • Select from 13 different hour / minute hands and 9 different second hands for the analog clocks
  • Upright or rotated numbers on the clock faces, arabic or roman numerals
  • Realistic, soft shadows for the clock faces, the clock hands and the labels
  • Integrated World Map with country borders, earth shadow and the sun's position plus zoom view
  • Realistically sounding Chimes (sound signals) on the hour and optionally every quarter (church bell / grandfather's clock style)
  • Accurate Sunrise, Sunset and Moon Phase calculation (no internet connection required)
  • Integrated Alarm Center with unlimited alarms (local time zone or any other time zone (once, daily, annualy and count-down timers), silent or with sound in wav, mp3, wma format; even spoken messages
  • Resizable Calendar Widget for 1, 2, 4 or 6 months with variable colors
  • Global, configurable Hotkeys to hide and show the program window, to power off your monitor(s) during work breaks and to eject your disk drive with a key combination
  • Display the local time or UTC offset and a "daylight saving" indicator (*) for each city in the upper left corner of the clock faces and an AM/PM indicator in the right corner
  • Speaking Time on the hour, on the quarter, every 5 minutes or even every minute
  • International Country Flags of all countries on top of the clock faces (optional)
  • Optionally "gray out" clocks (apply a dimming effect), which are outside of the Out of Office time span (time span can be set for each clock individually) or alternatively during the night (after sunset and before sunrise)
  • Temporarily adjust the time of all clocks within a +/- 12 hours time span (5 minute grid) with a trackbar, so you can instantly and intuitively see the time in other cities for any selected time!
  • Auto-sort clocks by time zone or change the clock order manually
  • System Tray (Tray Icon) mode and variable Always On Top option
  • Time Zone Converter - convert from one time zone to another easily, for any given date and time
  • Meeting Scheduler - arrange telephone conferences easily and intuitively across several time zones
  • Weather Report for the current day and the next four days, for every included city
  • Feed Reader to keep you updated on the latest news - RSS and Atom format
  • Export / Import function to save/backup and transfer all your settings and restore them again later
  • Ready for Multi-Monitor-Environments
  • Easy and intuitively to use and to configure: you'll probably never need the help files.
  • Excellent stablilty and accuracy. No internet connection required during normal use

Reviews and Testimonials

I take pride in making Sharp World Clock the very best world clock application you can get. It is being used by thousands of satisfied private and business users (including many big companies and organizations).

Made in Germany

I guarantee that the statements below are from actual, authentic reviews by registered users of this program.
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  • » Great world timer for the traveller. I downloaded about 5 programs and found it to be the best. Easy to use; clear and concise.«
  • » The clock app that I like better & better with time. Great attention to detail. Subtle features that keep enhancing value of clock, but clean simple, reliable interface.«
  • » Best product of its type I could find. Visually appealing and very user friendly: I like the fact that you can select the clocks you want, customize the presentation, and all clocks are managed in one single user interface.«
  • » Very easy to set up, very functional, easy to use and look at. The only clock I found that utilizes daylight savings correctly for the regions I need. Brilliant stuff. The best clock available, absolutely no doubt.«
  • » This is a sophisticated tool - but totally intuitive to set up and use. The whole design has been well thought out through. This is an example of "excellence". I have never seen such an elegant and useful international time tool. I downloaded (and uninstalled) plenty of others before I found this one.«
  • » I did my research - this is the best one out there.
    The time converter is indispensable for planning phone conferences. The program is fast, visually pleasing and quite customizable. The moon phase thing is a nice extra. Great job - thanks!«
  • » Amazing Clock Application! Best I have ever used. Tons and tons of customization features. As many clocks as you wish and how you wish to make them look. Weather is included. Looks professional, clean and sharp. Easy to reference, edit, and customize. I need access to several world time zones at a glance with my work. This application is perfect. Easy to see and reference. I love this application.«
  • » This is an excellent program, it does what it says.
    Easy to customise, easy to use, intuitive program that is pleasing to the eye and very useful.«
  • » Very flexible, aesthetically pleasing. Unlimited clocks, digital, analog or both. Three alarms. Calendar. Time zone converter.
    Large number of locations programmed for selection or you can set up any location you want. There's a visual display of the day or night sky on each clock that turns out to really be quite helpful. The clock faces can display country flags, which is neat. A world map. Everything is selectable and adjustable. Very easy to use. Really a nice program.«
  • » Excellent! Beautifully designed! Beautiful display, very customizable. Editable DST rules. You can taylor the clocks to look just as you please. There is a nice world map showing sun lit areas.«
  • » This program is well done and very useful. I am glad that I downloaded it. I enjoy using this program every chance I get.«
  • » Attractive and functional world clock. Very attractive design; I like the options for personalizing the display. Handy to have clocks for several cities displayed at once. I looked at several options before deciding to go with this one.«
  • » Very good value, excellent display, easy to customise and serves its purpose exactly.«
  • » It's not often that you find a program that far exceeds your expectations. This one does. There is nothing left out, no holes, no bugs. It has features you'd never think of yet are invaluable when dealing with clients or friends in different time zones. It is easily worth twice the price; you won't be disappointed! Microsoft could take a few lessons from the creator of this program...«
  • » It is aesthetically pleasing in every way. It is customisable and simple to use and has everything a desktop clock needs and more. Save yourself time and stop looking......its the best, believe me.«
  • » Outstanding: great looking, highly functional. Exactly what I needed - one click to see the cities I want. Highly configurable, reasonably priced. Excellent support from the author.«

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  • » The perfect clock for amateur radio operators. The clock configuration and view of the sun for each clock is perfect!! In my opinion this is the best visual clock I've ever tried and I tried at least 6 others. Great product and GREAT service!!«
  • » Excellent software, wipes out any competing software, keep up the good work!« (a registered user via email)
  • » Fabulous Product. Very easy to read - love the ability to set the colors & background displays as I choose. Easy to edit and add or remove locations. I absolutely love my Sharp World Clock. It is always visable on my desktop enabling me to keep track of my local time in the states as well as the time of a friend in London so we can Skype & IM. I registered several years ago. Trust me....this desktop clock will remain a part of my desktop for a very long time!«
  • » Best clock program I have seen & worth for money spent. Nice interface & easy to customize; It has 34 preset faces to choose & almost everything is adjustable according to need. Time offset of other cities from local time is very useful. Graphical sky interface gives an easy visualization of other cities. Compared to other similar products its interface is attractive. Both analog and digital clocks can be set. There is no limit to the number of clocks. Time zone converter is provided. A graphic sky can be attached to the clock face - this is not seen in similar other products. Lots of other functions provided. I strongly recommend to try it.«
  • » I checked out quite a few sites, but this one stood out by far, because it's very good looking, highly customizable, powerful and trustworthy being 100% clean and tested. In short, nothing short of excellent. Finally, the author Mr. Johannes Wallroth is also very courteous, helpful and responsive.«
  • » Most of my customers are in other countries. I also have several sales people that are scattered over the USA. Sharp World Clock helps me keep up with time of both. I love it!.«
  • » Reliable, easy to use, lots of features. It is really one of the best in the market. You just have all in one: calculating time zone, multi-use alarm and every day remainder. Using it every day.«
  • » Great program with many as yet unexplored options - and I've been using it daily for over two years. With every new computer, Sharp World Clock is one of the first programs I install. Well worth the money, especially with free upgrades for life.«
  • » This is a feature rich and mature piece of software which I've been using for almost three years. I'm an engineer with appreciation for detail and this product provides a simple interface with layers of superb detail which allows me to configure precisely as I want. World Clock takes care of summer and winter savings time by applying the appropriate rules at the exact change over times - I dont need to concern myself with that detail. If you have a requirement for knowing local times around the world, this is the best software product available, I tried all I could find before settling on this and it's never let me down during the past three years..«
  • » I like it's many ways to customize it, the looks and the overall functionality, I have for an example 10 clocks on my desktop showing the time of my friends all over the world customized the way I want them. I have many DJ friends around the globe and I've always had the problem that I didn't know what their local time was. I tried many different so called world clocks but nothing as good as the Sharp World Clock. Very easy to configure and good looking app. Much recommended!«
  • » Features galore and they are just awesome. I am in the FOREX market, this clock makes my life considerably easier for the different time zones conversion I deal with. The support is speedy and very to the point. Thanks Mr Wallroth.«
  • » The Sharp World Clock takes care of my needs perfectly. I email or call people halfway around the world very often, so the night sky feature lets me know at a glance if I am calling too early or too late. Highly recommended even if you just call nationally from coast to coast. «
  • » I have been using this for many years, it is practical and colorful. Free updates forever and great customer service. Highly recommended. Just love the product.«
  • » I've used it for 4 years. Highly flexible and customizable, yet menus are easy to understand and use. So much people want every bell & whistle imaginable, which wouldn't necessarily make this better. Technical support is the BEST!«
  • » The product is top of the line for what it is intended to do. I have used other world clock programs but this one is tops in terms of look and feel, functionality and general usage. Just having it on my desktop gets people interested since so many people often need to know what time it is in other parts of the world. Conducting world-wise business, this at-a-glance look for world time is exactly what I have been looking for.«
  • » I travel a lot and have been using the Sharp World Clock for several years. It helps me avoid those calls when you have to say "Oh sorry, I forgot the 9 hour time difference..." Keep up the fine work - I don't know what I'd do without it. If you avoid a single embarrassing call that wakes someone in the middle of their night, it is money well spent. Stop looking for something free because you'll get exactly what you pay for. This is the BEST!«
  • » What has impressed me most about this product is the integration of both functionality and elegance, with no apparent "trade off" between the two. I've tried so many world clock programs and none have come close to this one. It's not just visually appealing either; the sound files (the chimes in particular) are hauntingly realistic. Highly recommended.«
  • » I can not imagine a feature you would want in a clock app that is not included in Sharp World Clock. It makes other clock programs look dumb. Version 5 has outdone itself. I like to trade on world markets like forex and I use this program to remind me when markets are opening or close. That is super easy with alarms and office hours. I can only think of about 100 other reasons to use it. If you need an app for even one other time zone I wouldn't bother with the others, I did and this is the one I was looking for. It is fun to configure and is really sharp.«
  • » My friends ask why I would pay for a clock program when there are so many that are free. Hah! There are mostly many that have very limited functionality. I congratulate you for your effort and your insights. This is by far the most useful of the many clock programs I've tried. The customizing options are superb. You've truly done a world-class job with it.

Version History

  • 8.0 (October 14, 2017) Version 8 is ready! After more than a year of hard work, a completely new version is finished, which sets a new standard again! It is programmed from scratch and features many improvements and modernisations. Visit the dedicated program website and the version comparison for more details and documentation.
    Version 8 can be installed parallel to an existing installation of version 7, since they are using different program and data directories and version 8 does not import any data from older versions, you have to set up your cities, alarms etc. again. The icons also differ slightly. So you can try version 8 and uninstall it without affecting the older version.
    Please note that the update from version 7 and older versions is only free for users who bought their license in the year 2017. All other users are invited to upgrade for half the cost of a full license - see the notes on the checkout page for details.
  • 7.53 (March 2nd, 2017) Small bug fixes and actualizations - here is the download link, if you currently do not wish to upgrade to version 8
  • 7.5 Added support for roman numerals and rotated or upright numbers in the clock faces; Added an optional date window in the 3'o clock position of analog clocks
  • 7.4 Added a 24 hour mode for analog clocks; added design options for minute marks; optimized digital clock display for proportional fonts
  • 7.3 Clock rims can now be dark instead of light, optionally
  • 7.2 Re-designed some icons, especially the ones in the popup menu; Changed menu order in the context menus ("Close this Clock" is now on top again); Fixed the UTC/local time offset selectors (now a global setting and not in the design section anymore); Optimized some code
  • 7.14 Fixed a small bug, related to the window resizing
  • 7.13 The digital clock time label can now use any (also proportional) true type font with "seconds" turned on, without jumping glitch because of the different length of the numbers
  • 7.1 Since some users demanded it, the Time Zone Calculator window is now resizable and allows to view more cities without scrolling. The calendar widget can now be opened and closed from the menu and the opened state shows as a checkmark.
  • 7.0 Improved the Time Zone Calculator window by giving the Meeting Scheduler an extra page. Fixed the chime (did not work correctly at midnight). Several minor modifications.
  • 6.9 Added a "Show 2 Months" option to the calendar widget. Fixed the auto clock synch function for installations running on Windows 10.
  • 6.81 Minor bug fixes: improved behavior for info tooltip window, when clocks are in topmost mode; fixed graphical bug, when a clock was moved inside the main window and "Integrate Corners" is selected; fixed time zone for Minsk, Belarus
  • 6.8 Alarm Center opens at the selected date now, when the calendar widget is clicked for a new appointment; Bugfix: time and date is now right-aligned correctly for all cities of any text string length in the context menu (used custom drawn menu items); Included the calendar widget to the "Center Clocks" function (move all windows to screen center) and excluded it from the Alt+Tab function like other windows; Fixed checkmark for the "Click Through" context menu item (was one item off since adding the new Center Clocks item)
  • 6.71 Bugfix: the current month / marked day on the calendar widget now switches correctly, after awakening from hibernation or on the next day
  • 6.7 New feature: Calendar Widget
    Add a small calendar to your desktop - resizable and with configurable background color. Click a day to add or edit/review an alarm. Alarms are also shown on mouse over; Some minor bug fixes and code optimizations
  • 6.6 (first release not just tested, but also developed on a Windows 8 machine) Added a 5th tab to the Configuration Assistant: Startup Behavior, where the features "Start with Windows", "Hide on Startup" and "Hide / Show Hotkey" can be configured; Digitally signed the clock setter executables; Fixed a few minor bugs
  • 6.5 Fixed a bug in the Configuration Assistant (a disabled country flag threw an exception on next launch); Changed order of menu items: Edit Clock / Settings is now first item in context menu; Added a settings item for entering proxy settings (for activation / weather forecast function); Some code optimizations
  • 6.41 Fixed the Configuration Assistant for some users who were having issues on Windows 8.1; Added an option "Keep on Screen" in the settings (activated by default), which tries to keep all windows within the visible screen area Since a few users were having problems with this function, they can now deactivate it. Added a menu item "Center Clocks" to the tray icon context menu: can be used if clocks are somehow out-of-reach; The edit dialog is now a little larger, so the controls have more space
  • 6.4 Added a "Configuration Assistant" to the program, which is launched on first installation, instead of the help dialog (or later from the context menu: "Assistant"); Modernised and improved some program code

Guaranteed: No Adware * No Spyware * No Viruses * No Toolbars or Bloatware * No Subscription
Runs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (x32 or x64)
Version 8.02