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Version Comparison

Version 8 of Sharp World Clock was programmed from scratch, over 90% of the codebase is new, to make it more modern and stable and able to implement the latest available programming techniques, which were impossible to use with the old code base. Many important improvements have been added, but some features of version 7 have also been removed. If there is wide demand for them, they will perhaps be implemented again in future updates.


Sharp World Clock 7

Sharp World Clock 8

Programming technique .Net 4, WPF + WinForms .Net 4.7, pure WPF
Designer Preset collection, no visual gallery Editable visual design template gallery
City Database Included database with just over 1,000 cities Regularly updated database included with about 23,000 cities from
World Map Small world map with cylindrical projection and approximated country borders (WinForms) Larger world map with Mercator (Wright) projection and precise country borders, even for multi-part areas (WPF)
Time Zones Database Uses the Windows time zone collection, updated with Windows updates Uses the huge and more accurate time zone database from, updated with program updates
Meeting Planner Shows the current date only (+/- 1 day). Correct only if all time zone info at the target day is the same as on the current day Date picker allows to select a target date. Always correct, even on days with daylight saving transition
Calendar Calendar Widget for 1 or 2 vertical months. Selectable background color Calendar for 1, 2, 4 or 6 months. Solid color, linear gradient or background image for the background
Alarms Alarm notifications are shown in a big popup window. One-time, hourly, weekly, monthly, annual alarms, count-down-alarms and periodic timer alarms Small unobtrusive "slide-in" notifications in several colors, similar to the standard Windows notifications of Windows 8/10. One-time, weekly, annual alarms and count-down-alarms
Chimes Chime voice can be changed, but "speak the time" sentences are "hard wired", so they sound correct only in English Chime voice can be changed and sentences can be changed, so they sound correct in any language for which a voice is installed
Removed Features Sky Strip (might confuse users, rarely used), Sticky Notes (does not really belong in a world clock program) and some special alarm options (hourly alarm, monthly alarm, periodic timer alarm - those were probably not used by a vast majority of users)
Added Features Visual design gallery, larger and much more accurate collections for cities and time zones, a lot more designer options, dark or light theme for the program interface, cleaner code, program uses less system resources, clear interface is easier to use, more accurate meeting planner, windows stick to screen borders (magnetic behavior)
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