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Teleprompter - smoothly scrolling text in a window or in fullscreen mode

Welcome to TelePrompter, an easy to use, modern and powerful text / presentation desktop scroller for Windows. The program can display a smoothly scrolling text in a resizable window or full screen on your desktop. It features the latest programming techniques (Microsoft .Net 4 / WPF) which are using hardware accelaration of the GPU (graphics processing unit) of the computer. For a smooth scrolling experience in a large window, the graphics card has to be powerful enough though.

The program can be used for presentation purposes, during video cast / TV sessions or for advertising of any kind. 

  • On Mouse-OverOn Mouse-Over
  • View ModeView Mode
  • TransparencyTransparency
  • Settings DialogSettings Dialog
  • Context MenuContext Menu

Full List of Features

  • Resizable window - from small to full screen - only your screen size is the limit (performance depends on the computer graphics power)
  • Scrolling speed is adjustable in a wide range, using a trackbar or the mouse wheel
  • 5 text slots - load text from file or enter it manually
  • Selectable background and text color, font, line height, alignment and margin
  • Percentage label to display the elapsed percentage of the currently scrolling text (correctly adjusted on speed change)
  • Mirror mode to flip the text horizontally and/or vertically, for use with a mirror
  • Optional "Pause on Mouse-Over"
  • Optional Eye Line Marker, showing a semi-transparent border around the middle lines of the text (height and color is adjustable)
  • Endless Mode or Single pass through
  • Semi-Transparency mode (0..90%), to show another window below tele prompter
  • Scrub function - scroll within your text with a slider
  • Jump to 10%..90% of the selected text with a button click
  • Load text from a text field, an external text file or from the internet
  • For external files, text changes in the file will update the scrolling text immediately
  • Global Hotkeys
  • Runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

Version History

  • 2.71 (June 16, 2021) Removed implemented hotkeys "F", "S", "R" since they are no longer needed. Use global hotkeys instead
  • 2.7 Added a new Mirror mode for vertical flipping
  • 2.63 Improved function of the "full screen" windows state
  • 2.62 "Show Loading Message" is now optional; If a transparent or semi-transparent background if chosen, this is shown in the preview now with a checkered background
  • 2.61 Bug fix: transparant background was broken; "Start on Slot Change" is now optional; Text starts higher now
  • 2.6 Major update: Added global hotkeys; Added a "load text from URL" option; Changed the settings dialog: options are now grouped in a tab control; Several enhancements and bug fixes; Changed program icon
  • 2.5 Added start/stop and reset buttons to the settings dialog, to "remote control" the program from a second monitor; Added a "start flag" to the main window, which flashes when the text starts scrolling; Added a checkbox "Start on Apply" to the settings dialog (activated by default), to start scrolling immediatly after clicking Apply; Fixed the "full screen" mode - now the window should not become larger than the screen area anymore; The main window jumps back into the visible screen area, when it is moved beyond it; The text starts scrolling in the middle of the screen now, not on the bottom; Added an option "Hide" to the HUD options, to disable the top and bottom controls (operation is only possible via context menu then); Fixed the "topmost" function - when activated, any opened dialogs are no longer hidden by the main window.
  • 2.4 The "skip to 10..90%" buttons are now displayed optionally
  • 2.33 The last opened text slot tab is now applied to the program, when the settings dialog is closed. Changed the settings path from roaming to local (old settings are imported), because roaming caused problems for some users.
  • 2.3 Speed and position sliders resize to the window width now and the labels show the slider values; Updated the installer and signed the uninstaller
  • 2.2 Fixed the online activation and update functions, which were apparently broken by a Windows update; Changed the required .Net Framework version from 4.52 to 4.72 and updated some DLLs
  • 2.1 Fixed a bug: settings did not get saved and loaded correctly on a fresh installation
  • 2.0 (July 3, 2019) Several major design changes and all dialogs are now WPF instead of Windows form based; The background color can now be transparent or semi-transparent (not only the whole window like added in version 1.5); 5 instead of 3 text slots; Changed the format for the settings file from binary to XML (if an old binary file is found, the settings are imported and the old file is being renamed); Export / Import function for settings files; Two themes (dark and light) for the dialogs and the interface
  • 1.6 Major interface and function changes: moved the speed slider to a new bottom panel, along with several other controls: a position slider (works both as an indicator and to control the text position), a number field to jump to 10%..90% of the text, big secondary buttons to start/pause and reset; Improved precision of the percentage indicator; Several minor enhancements.
  • 1.5 Added a semi-transparency mode (0..90%), to show another window below the teleprompter; Changed the minimum width and height of the main window (can be much smaller now); Changed the speed range (speed can now be a lot slower than before)
  • 1.4 Modernized interface (dark buttons and menu, vector based icons); added feature "pause on mouse-over"
  • 1.3 Fixed window border for use under Windows 10; Fixed activation dialog; Added separate start / pause images
  • 1.2 If the currently loaded text file is changed outside the program, the scrolling text will be updated with the new text immediately
  • 1.1 Added "Mirror" mode, to flip text horizontally; optimized some code
  • 1.0 (March 2015) First release


Guaranteed: No Adware * No Spyware * No Viruses * No Toolbars or Bloatware * No Subscription
Runs on Windows 7/8/10/11 (x32 or x64)
Version 2.71


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