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Jumbo Timer - Stopwatch, Count-Down or Alarm Clock timer for private and business users

If you are looking for a simple, but powerful, easy-to-use and accurate Stop Watch / Count Down / Alarm Clock program for the Windows desktop, you have found it! Jumbo Timer is designed to fulfill the needs of private and professional users who need a simple, but nice looking timer program.

Resizable (from tiny to full screen) Desktop Timer with Alarm

Jumbo Timer features a resizable interface with three main areas: the title bar (do display a short title), the time display and the info bar. The title bar and the info bar are optional. The fonts for the digits, the background color as well as the colors for the display can be changed - or use one of the included color presets. Additionally to the title, you can add an unlimited text to each timer for notes. Alarms can be with or without a popup and can be silent or with an alarm sound (or speak the timer title). When in alarmclock mode, a timer can be set daily or just for a single date. Countdown alarms can be made to start over, so the timer starts again if it has finished.

  • Count Down ModeCount Down Mode
  • Stopwatch ModeStopwatch Mode
  • Alarmclock ModeAlarmclock Mode
  • Days and 1/10 SecondsDays and 1/10 Seconds
  • Clock LED styleClock LED style
  • Countdown LED styleCountdown LED style

Not just one, but many timers

Timers can be "cloned" and then individually configured and operated, so you can have as many different timers as you like on your desktop. All timers can be started, stopped, hidden and shown using hotkeys. Settings are saved on program exit and restored again on the next session. Timers can show days, hours, minutes, seconds and 1/10 seconds (all but minutes are optional).

  • On Mouse OverOn Mouse Over
  • Title Bar removedTitle Bar removed
  • Settings DialogSettings Dialog
  • Alarm PopupAlarm Popup
  • Stopwatch LED styleStopwatch LED style

Full List of Features

  • Unlimited timers with cloning function
  • Resizable window - from tiny to full screen - only your screen size is the limit!
  • Settings and timers are saved and loaded automatically
  • Timers can work as a Stop Watch, as a Count Down timer or as an Alarm Clock
  • Display can either be "analog" (real fonts) or old school LED style
  • Timers can be paused and resumed later, even after program shutdown
  • Optional Auto-Resume on program start - launches a timer which has been interrupted
  • Scientific-use accuracy! Jumbo Timer features a display accuracy of 1 second or (optional) 1/10 second, but a calculation accuracy of better than 1/100,000 (10-6) seconds internally (even on interrupted use)
  • Time spans are calculated from the start time and the current time, which guarantees the highest accuracy
  • Counts up to (or down from) 100 hours (over 4 days)
  • Colors and Fonts can be changed (several color combo presets are included)
  • Global, configurable hotkeys to start, stop, reset and show/hide all timers
  • Each timer can have a title bar with a changeable title, to remind you what it was set for
  • Display days, hours, minutes, seconds and 1/10 seconds (days, seconds and 1/10 seconds optional)
  • 12 hour (AM/PM) or 24 hour (military time) format support
  • Optional sound signal on alarm - plays any sound file in wav, mp3 or wma format or speaks the timer title
  • Optional Alarm Popup
  • Timer can auto-restart (start over) and optionally count the time, while not being active


  • Unlimited number of resizable timer windows with optional title bar and status label
  • Timers can work in Stop Watch, Count Down or Alarm Clock mode
  • "Analog" (real fonts) or LED style display
  • Configurable colors, fonts and hotkeys - many configurable color presets included
  • Open new timer windows with the Cloning function - then configure the timer
  • Alarm popup, sound signal (mp3/wma/wav/mid) or spoken text
  • All settings, timer windows and timer states are saved and restored automatically

Reviews and Testimonials

I guarantee that the statements below are from actual, authentic reviews by registered users of this program.
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  • »The display is very easy to read and can be customized. I use it to time telephone calls I make but it could be used to display a "big" timer on the computer screen for all to see. Can be set for viewing on top of all other windows. Summary: Simple to use and good display.«
  • »Perfect for using to time hours for billing a client. It's always-on top, but small and you can put it out of the way. It *just* displays the time, which means you don't have crap cluttering your screen. Makes it very hard to forget to start or stop the timer. Before this was using a physical kitchen timer, as everything else was too easy to forget to pause it when you are taking a break. This is even better since it is on the screen...«
  • »Very good and clear visible in every desktop environment! Configuration is very easy. Clock can be set to your own favorite looks and colors! (every color combination is possible. It can easily let you show the time on foreground over a presentation i.e. with Powerpoint. Not every environment let you show a ticking clock on the foreground. For these issues, it is the perfect solution!«

Version History

  • 3.3 (July 9, 2020) Updated to .Net framework 4.72 because earlier versions had been corrupted by a Windows 10 update, online activation works again.
  • 3.2 Removed the window border; Fixed some minor design issues and bugs
  • 3.1 Bug fix release.
  • 3.0 The display can now optionally show LED / LCD style numbers, configurable for each timer separately. When this option is activated, a new color "inactive" can now be set for the dimmed segments. Added some new presets to the color combo picker and improved some details in the interface.
  • 2.4 Enabled correct functionality on systems with other than normal screen resolution (like 125%) for cloning function and "limit to screen area" function
  • 2.3 Added option to repeat a sound file on alarm. Fixed a minor issues with modal dialogs blocking each other.
  • 2.21 - Cloning a timer should now work without without problems on all systems
  • 2.2 - Major usability improvement: timer windows can now be resized like known from any resizable window.
  • 2.11 - Fixed a minor design bug: the right padding is now correctly adjusted, depending on the font style.
  • 2.1 - Several improvements: padding around digits is now smaller, resize handle is hidden when the timer is not touched, windows are restricted to the screen area.
  • 2.0 - New release (Feb 2012), programmed from scratch, using the latest .Net 4.0/WPF technology.
    Countless improvements, see the help file for details. Unlimited timers now, not only several instances with the new Cloning function. Replaced LED digits with "real" fonts, for better readibility. Timer windows can now be resized by dragging the lower right corner. Optional title bar and status bar and more...
  • 1.01 - Bug fixed release.
  • 1.0 - First release


Guaranteed: No Adware * No Spyware * No Viruses * No Toolbars or Bloatware * No Subscription
Runs on Windows 7/8/10/11 (x32 or x64)
Version 3.3


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