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This is an archive for some old programs - some from the year 2000 and before, but since some users still seem to like them, I keep them available here. The programs on this page are all free, but I cannot guarantee compatibility with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and there will be no more updates and no support - please install and use them at your own risk. 



  • eartest

Ear Test / Hearing Test Download

The program is designed to test your ear's capabilities to hear all frequencies of the audible spectrum, separately for each ear. The test result is drawn as a graphcal chart. The program is not calibrated and cannot replace a medical consultation. Please be careful while using headphones and do not turn up the volume too much.



  • scroller_v

Dream Scroller Download

This program is able to scroll any number of text items in a draggable and resizable window on your desktop, in a horizontal or vertical direction. Please notice the new Tele Prompter program, using WPF for hardware accelerated scrolling in larger windows.



  • multiclip

Multi Clipboard Download

With Multi Clipboard you have access to nine clipboard texts (slots), which you can select either via mouseclick when the program window is active, or via Hotkey "Ctrl + NUMPAD 1.. 9". This copies the selected slot to the Windows clipboard, from which you can paste it into your active application (for instance with Ctrl + V). The hotkey "Ctrl + NUMPAD 0" hides or shows the program window, depending on the previous state.



  • metrotimer

Metronome Timer Download

A special timer program, developed for speed reading training. Counts up or down, with customizable metronome tick (emphasized or not, variable speed), plus extra sound every x seconds (when you count up) or x seconds before timer runs off, and when timer has reached zero. All settings are saved to disk.



  • converter

Unit Converter Download

Simple and intuitively to use tool for conversion of the most frequently used units of Length, Weight, Volume, Area and Temperature in both U.S. and metric types. Enter any value and convert it to the desired result unit. Result can be copied to clipboard.



  • rgbmixer

RGB-Mixer (Color Mixer) Download

When you build homepages or any other kind of graphic artworks, a tool like this comes in handy. Mix any desired color with the three sliders. Press ENTER or click button to put colorstring into the clipboard. You can make the program window stay "always on top" by clicking the pin button.



  • password

Password Generator Download

A useful tool for creating passwords that nobody can guess. Use a mixture of upper/lowercase letters, numbers and a selection of user defined special characters. Generate up to 1000 passwords at a time and save them to a file.



  • multichoice

Multiple Choice Download

Make up your own Quiz Show! Answer questions while picking the correct one among three or four available answers. The program comes with quite a lot of quiz files, which were kindly sent to me by several authors, but you can easily create your own! Text and background colors can be changed for every file. In the end you can review which questions you answered correctly and which you didn't.



  • testscreens

Test Screens Download

Originally built for CRT monitors, so most test modes are history! Eight modes: sharpness, moiré, geometry, convergence, high voltage supply stability, brightness, color quality and more. Adjusts to any given screen resolution. You can step through the screens with ENTER and "hold" the auto changing screens in the submodes with SPACE.


Games & Fun Stuff

On top of this page are also some new games I created, the others are old versions written on Windows 2000 and XP, which were created for smaller screens and slower machines. I include them only for nostalgic reasons.

  • magiclines

Download at the Windows Store

Magic Lines

(Temporarily named "Magic Lines") - my first Windows 10 universal game app, for both Windows desktop / tablet devices and for Windows smartphones - available at the Microsoft Store. Magic Lines is an improved version of the well-known game, but more entertaining and a bit harder to play, with joker and bomb items to make it more interesting and challenging. Smooth animations and polished appearance. For $0.99 you can buy additional boards and in-game-music. Try to beat the high score in the Hall of Fame!


  • pacworld

Download at the Windows Store

Pac World Download

Play the old classic arcade game in my new version, with six worlds and twelve levels, bonus items, offscreen tunnels, locked rooms and highscore. Levels include forest, desert, city, ice, night and fire with two levels each. Although this old version is still playable, it is very small and not very fast.

New: PacWorld 2.0 is now available in the Microsoft Store as a Windows 10 app! With the original graphics from the year 2000, but enhanced and faster gameplay and three difficulty levels, so it is fun to play for both kids and adults. 

It is also available as an Android app, search for "PacWorld" in the Google Game Store. The speed has been reduced, so it is not too difficult to play on touch screen devices.



  • card1001

1001 (card game) Download

A very nice card game I used to play with my mom and my sister, when I was a kid. There used to be versions for the Palm Pilot (who does remember it?) and the iPad, but they are both no longer available. Here are the rules for 1000 and 1001 



  • bubble_game

Bubble Game Download

Move the mouse to the border of two adjacent bubbles and click - they change places and when two or more bubbles with the same color come together, they vanish slowly, making room for the next ones, falling from above. Try to remove all 128 bubbles!



  • blockgame

Block Game Download

A nice, addictive game in the Color Tetris / Dr. Mario style. Move four in a row with the same color to make them disappear. The screenshot shows one of my best results, played in level 5 without automatic increase. Don Crowder, a dear cyberfriend of mine, reached an incredible 71,586 points highscore!



  • melody

Recall the Melody Download

Not only for kids! If you have a musical ear, play the random melodies on the virtual keyboard. Use the right mousebuttton to hear the note before pressing a wrong key, but try to do without it. False notes are marked with a worried smiley.



  • concentr

Concentration Game Download

The well-known, simple board game for kids and adults alike. You need concentration and a good short-term memory to play it. There are 9 different themes (sets of pictures) to choose from.



  • simplepaint

Simple Paint Download

This little painting program is intended to teach small kids to handle the mouse and have fun with colors and shapes. Use 40 different colors and 10 different sized brushes or use the 15 available clipart pictures as stamps.



  • kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Download

Enjoy beautiful mandala-style ornaments with this Kaleidoscope program. You can let the shapes rotate, draw only outlines, change the angle and create an "explode effect". It's amazing how many different scenes you can get from just 6 different shapes (square, rhombus, triangles, circle and star).


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