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Johannes Wallroth
Beerbaumstr. 1
13125 Berlin

Phone: +49 / (0)30 / 4238307

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If you did not receive an email after buying a license or cannot find the license,
you do not need to write to me - instead, click here please.

If you have purchased one of my programs and didn't receive your registration key shortly after, it is probably because my message did not get through to you. Please check your spam folder carefully - my message may have been blocked. Usually I reply within 12 hours (in rare exceptions within a day or two). If you don't get me by email within that period of time, please try to use an alternative email account or call me in Berlin: +49 / 30 / 4238307 at the usual office hours (German time). If I'm not at home or sleeping, please leave a message and I'll call you back.

Mission Statement: If you love it, you can learn it. If you've learned it you can get experience in it. Age doesn't matter. Strive for wisdom and personal understanding. Know that your way might not be the best, and also that other's views may not apply to you. Live at peace with each other. Help those who are truly seeking and need only the tools to begin their journey. Be patient in teaching, and respect the fact that another may be weak in the area that you're strong in, and that they may have a strength that you don't know how to develop. Correct each other in truth and logic. Code for others as you would have them code for you. Live long and program.
(White Flame)

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